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About Katie ....

When it comes to emotions, you may have been told to “suck it up, get on with it, be grateful, stop whining” but the more you bury your emotions, the heavier the load you carry and the more disconnected you become.

To stop comparing so you stop competing and give you the tools necessary to stand in your own power and reclaim your life.


I want to help you take the lead in your own life.

Who am I?

My name is Katie and I’m an accredited psychotherapist. I run a successful private psychotherapy practice in a G.P practice in Co.Monaghan. I am married and we have a very active house with 4 children under 10.


If you have come to my page, it is likely that you have heard me on radio or from my social media @katiemckennapsychotherapist and you will know that I believe in straightforward, no-jargon, solutions to show you how to dissolve disempowering conditioned beliefs and to change habitual behavioural patterns.


My approach to psychotherapy is Humanistic, Integrative and Psychodynamic. I have a BA in counselling and psychotherapy and a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with over ten years’ experience.


If you wish to contact me regarding my availability for one-to-one sessions please fill out the form below.

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Katie McKenna MICAP

What I Know To Be True

We are designed to seek connection in our lives. Connection is sought through relationships with our partners/parents/children/extended family/friends or colleagues. It is often through the conflict in these relationships, that ultimately bring people to counselling. These present relationships are bringing, your ‘story’, your emotional pain to the surface. However, at first glance it may seem that you have a problem with the other person in your relationship.


Our greatest challenge is the relationship we have with ourselves. By paying attention to your thoughts and emotions you experience in your bodies, you can identify the unhelpful behaviours you have been playing out. Through self-awareness you can identify the unhelpful internal script you are playing out in your mind, and therefore, acting out in your behaviour. It is only by identifying the script, treating yourself with empathy and compassion, that you can regain your power to write a new script by transforming your ingrained patterns of reacting to your emotions. You can begin to become in touch with your innate capacity to grow and ultimately heal the wounded inner child.

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