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Public Speaking

I would be very happy to create bespoke talks and workshops focused on your specific needs and the message you need and your audience to walk away with. 

Speaking topic examples include but are not limited to:

The hidden cost of being “too nice”

What is wrong with pleasing others you may ask?

I want to educate and empower women to see this behaviour similar as to when the oxygen mask falls from the ceiling in an aeroplane, if you run around and try to put everyone else’s mask on first, firstly failing to see that they have the ability to put on their own mask but also neglecting your own needs in the process, you end up suffocating yourself unintentionally. 

People Pleasing

Do you apologize or accept fault when you aren’t to blame? Do you need others to like you and quick to agree, even when you don’t really agree?

Are you constantly giving to other people and feel like you don’t have any free time for yourself? Mothers in particular struggle with this and it generally shows up when they end up feeling burnt out and resentful.

There is another way.

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When you start to comparing, it’s like you’ve entered a game where you’ve already lost. Learn how to opt out of the game of comparing instead let it be a red flag that is about to show you how you are about to betray yourself and your values.


The intoxicating lie young girls are fed from birth.

Young girls, in particular, have been brought up on a recipe of false hoods. The menu was presented as if it was the only thing on offer. Women now believe they lies are who they are. I hear women regularly say, “that’s just me” they believe it is woven in to the fibre of their being. Young girls ingest the lie so deeply they are hungry as adults, starved for love and belonging but feeding in all the wrong places.

People Pleasing is the ultimate form of self-abandonment & damaging to your children

When you continually please others, you end up betraying yourself and damage your personal relationships. You end up more disconnected from self and others. Your “kind”& “good” behaviour that rescues your child in the moment, can have negative consequences for your children in the long run. 


The Million Dollar Question – How do I get rid of anxiety?

Anxiety is not the enemy we have been told it is, the real question is how do you give up control? Anxiety is actually shaking you and asking you to listen. Learn how you can respond to your anxiety instead of reacting to it.


Escaping the Judgement of Motherhood

The expectation of what a “good mother” is often to “be all to everyone, be perfect”, which is both unattainable and damaging because you are striving for a reality that doesn’t exist.Bullying doesn’t just happen to children. Being a mother comes hand-in-hand with being judged these days. Shaming, judgement and criticism are just some of the ways adults bully adults. Recognising that bullying is all about control, is the first step. 


If you have an idea of what you’d like me to communicate to your audience please don’t hesitate to contact me. You contact me below to find out how I can enhance and support your event.

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